University Counseling Service (UCS) & Kognito

University Counseling Service

University Counseling Service (UCS)

In this video, students learn about the mental health services offered by University Counseling Service.

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UCS - Risk Factors

University Counseling Service (UCS) - Risk Factors for Mental Health Concerns

Students explore risk factors that show an increase in probability for mental health concerns.

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UCS - Protective Factors

University Counseling Service (UCS) - Protective Factors for Staying Mentally Healthy

This guide outlines protective factors that increase the probability of staying mentally healthy.

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Kognito Training

Kognito At-Risk Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Training

Through Kognito, an interactive role-play program, students learn how to recognize the signs of psychological distress. They also learn how to start a conversation, to share their concerns, and to connect others with the support they need.

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Preparing for the Future

Clarifying Consent

Clarifying Consent Program

During the Clarifying Consent program, students explore what consent is and why it is so important. They also compare how consent is handled in healthy and unhealthy relationships.


CashCourse - Part 2

In Part 2 of CashCourse, students learn about credit cards, loans, and the consequences of poor borrowing habits. They also explore what a credit score is and how to maintain or improve it.

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Advising & Registering

Advising Conversation

Preparing for the Advising Conversation

In this video, students discover what actions they need to take as they meet with their academic advisor and register for their next semester’s courses.

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Degree Audit

Degree Audit

Students explore the purpose of a degree audit. They also learn how to request and review their own degree audit.

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